Term 2, Week 8

Welcome week 8! Hope everyone had a great weekend, was awesome to see footy back!! Unfortunately, both WA teams finished second, but at least only one of them got pumped!
Merit Award A massive congratulations to Jack, Flyn and Esmerelda for receiving a merit award over the last week.

Science Assessment: We will be having our assessment this Thursday. Mrs Delane will be going through some study notes with the students tomorrow so they feel comfortable and confident!
Technologies: Last week we did the egg drop challenge. It was a great way for the students to work together to design and build an egg holder that would protect it from a drop of differing heights. It was a great lesson and the designs were magnificent.

Wheels after Meals: Next week on Monday 22nd June, the Year Three and Four students have the opportunity to particpate in this super fun initiative. Please see the email from Mr Lee. Permission slips need to be in to me by Friday 19th June. 

Term 2, Week 6

Welcome to week 6,
How good are short weeks?? I hope everyone had a great long weekend and I hope you all managed to avoid to town! Wowwee!!!
Star Citizen: Congratulation to last week’s Star Citizen recipient for appreciation Lockie Davies. Every day without fail Lockie will come in and say a massive good morning and in the afternoon I will get a “Have a good day!”. Feels wonderful to be appreciated like that. Well done Lockie.

Stationery: Could you please that your child has their name on the stationery that they bring into the class.
Maths Assessment: We will be having our assessment on our unit on multiplication and division on Friday 5th June. 

Term 2, Week 5

Welcome to week 5!
Can’t believe that it is week 5 already! Wowweee! Great way to start the week with this lovely weather!
If you get the chance have a watch and listen to Powderfingers live streamed show “Powderfinger One Night Lonely” on Youtube. It is awesome!
Merit Awards: The weird times continue with no assemblies or parents on the school grounds, but this doesn’t mean we can’t recognise the hard work that the students have been putting in. Congratulations to Olivia and Elliott who received a merit award in the classroom this week.

Headphones: Could you please make sure that your child has their headphones at school every day as they will need them regularly.
Homework: Now that we are back into the swing of things, homework is back! We have been doing it in 4DA, but it has been lacked and there has been no consequences for incomplete homework. From this week though, it will be registered who has not competed it and a consequence may occur.
Our Learning: On Friday we went into the hall to …

Term 2, Week 4

Welcome everyone to week 4!
Firstly, I would just like to welcome everyone back to school! Finally the day has a arrived that we are officially back! I can’t wait to have everyone back ready to go! Hopefully there is no relapse and we can get back to normality as soon as possible.
Secondly, I hope everyone survives the first couple of weeks of Dunsborough being inundated with tourists.
Finally, I just wanted to say a big thank you and well done to all of you for the last months. Having students return with completed work that had ether been printed out or handwritten in books was amazing! The time and effort you have put into your students learning is credit to you and has made my life a lot easier.
Returning to school: When returning to school this week please make sure that your child has all books that took home as well, as all the equipment and stationery that they may have taking home to use. Also could any completed home learning work please be brought in.
Our Learning: This week in cl…

Term 2, Week 3

Welcome to week 3 everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I hope Mother’s especially were spoilt today!
Thank you to all those people that have let me know if their child is attending school this week. It is great to have so many students in the class, it nearly feels normal again. We have a long way to go, but it is great that everyone seems to be doing the right thing. Next thing we’ll know is that pubs are on and footy will be back on. Ahhhhhh can’t wait!
Please note that due to the increased numbers of children at school, we are not able to provide as many Team meetings, but I will have my Teams application open throughout the day to get to any questions that may arise.
Please remember I will be available for any extra support you may need via email or the school phone, taking into consideration sometimes I may not be available immediately due to providing support to children at school.
Attached below is the Daily Work Pad for week 3 as well as the Guided Reading planner for…

Term 2, Week 2

Welcome to week 2 everyone!!
What wonderful weather we have to start week two! As more students return to school we will continue to try and operate both home learning and in class learning. Both will have the same content, they only difference will be the delivery.
For those that are continuing to complete the Online Learning a role will be taken at 9:00 am everyday and your child must say good morning or something along those lines on Teams so I can mark them as “present – home learning”.
Attached is the Daily Work Pad for the week that will be updated through out the week. Also attached is the Reading Group Planner for the week.
There are several TEAMS call through out the week. They are on the calendar in your child’s TEAM app.

DWP - Week 2 Reading Group Planner - Week 2
Have a lovely week.

Welcome Back!! Term 2, Week 1

Hello parents and students.
Welcome back to school!! I don’t know about you, but I am rocking and raring to go. This could be due to the fact there is no sport on and I can only watch new episodes of The Last Dance every Monday!! I will be in the classroom tomorrow to welcome everyone who comes in with open arms (not literally as I won’t be hugging anyone). For those that are at home, you will be welcomed with virtual open arms.
As schools have now reopened, the normal classroom timetable will continue in Term 2 (4DA Timetable Term 2). 

Just like last term, all the online learning will be available on OneNote in their specific folders.

When the students have their specialist classes, students at home will visit that teacher’s blog to complete that work.
Please remember that I will be available for any extra support that you or your child may have just like last term on the Teams channels. However, taking into consideration that I will be in the class I may not be available immediately due …