Term 4, Week 6

Welcome to week 6! I can NOT believe there is only 4 weeks left! Insane how this year has gone!   First Eucharist Certificates: On Friday the students received their certificates which were handed out by Father Francis and Mr Lee. Star Citizen: Congrats to Alexandra who received the Star Citizen award for Excellence at Fridays assembly. Awesome work Alexandra! Vinnies Hamper Appeal : This is a fantastic initiative that our school does every year in which we as a school community are asked to donate an item or two that can be used to help out some local families. Year 4's are being asked to donate toiletry items such as shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, tooth brushes, hair lackeys etc.   Uthando Dolls : Due to the Scitech Incursion this week, we have had to change our session time to  8.45 - 9.45am ...we would love to have you if you are free!    We will be spending the next two 2 weeks working on clothes and additional items such as a bag or a bit of bl

Term 4, Week 5

Welcome to Week 5! What a beautiful weekend! Absolute shame about today. What a wonderful mass we had yesterday for the First Holy Communion. I would just like to thank everyone for preparing their children for the sacrament. I was so happy to be apart of the day and the children were amazing! Adoration: On Friday, we attended the Adoration that Fr Francis organised. This was a beautiful opportunity for the students to take some time out of their week to express their gratitude and respect for the blessings in their lives. Like everything else...they participated in this with great care and reverence. Eucharist Certificates & Cupcakes : Friday 13th November at 10am.  Assessments :  Students are welcome to take home their books to review! Fractions Test – Friday 13th November Religion Test - Thursday 12th November. Uthando Dolls : Is back to its usual time of 1.45 - 2.45pm on Thursday afternoon. This week, our goal is to ensure all hair is firmly secured, eyes and mouths are securel

Term 4, Week 3

Welcome to week 3 everyone, How good was that weather!! I hope everyone enjoyed their grand final weekend. I know that Flynny Rogs was very stoked this morning. Uthando Dolls: Last Thursday we commenced our Uthando Dolls project. It was great to see all the students attempting to sow and stuff the doll. A massive thank you to those mums that came down to help!! If you think you are able to help, please put your name on the Google Doc uploaded to a previous blog. First Eucharist : Just a reminder that this is fast approaching and for those of you that are focused on the finer they are. Clothing  - Is to be predominantly white/light coloured clothing please, we are looking for our Sunday best. Think of something that would be worn to a wedding. Arrival  - Please make sure that you arrive at the Church on Sunday morning by 9.45am at the latest. This allows time for families to be seated, pins to be placed and nerves to be calmed. Certificates &

Term 4, Week 2

  Welcome to Week 2!! How good was that weather on the weekend!!! It was sensational! Good to hear that the summer sports have started again with bball and cricket. Love that we have girls playing for the local club!! Merit award: Assemblies are back!! Well sort of. Even though there was no parents, Mr T was up there rocking the mic and delivering news. Congratulations to Matilda for receiving our merit award on Friday! SMMC Feeder Day: On Friday we ventured to SMMC for their Feeder Day. It was an awesome experience! The students made smoothies, decorated pet rocks and learnt some great drama moves. Some parents toured the school while we were there and it was just a good day all round. Writing: In our writing session this week we have begun looking at procedure writing, this has provided a great opportunity to integrate our Eucharist preparations into our writing. We are doing some shared writing on a procedure to show how to receive the Eucharist. Last week we made toast as a p

Uthando Rolls Roster

Good afternoon everyone, We are on the hunt for helpers to assist with the putting together of our Uthando Dolls. We will need assistance on Thursday afternoons between 1:45 to 2:45pm. All volunteers will need to sign in at the front office, receive a visitors badge and then make their way down to the Year 4 area! We are looking for 4-5 parents each Thursday to come in and help as we will assign the students in a round robin fashion. Each doll will need the following - a  face, hair, underwear, clothing and bag. Check out the link below for guidelines on how to make the dolls. Uthando Dolls - Guidelines for Making Below is a link to an editable Google Doc where you can add in your availability. Uthando Dolls Roster This is an incredibly rewarding project which makes a real change in the lives of many! Any help you can give will be gratefully received! Kind regards, Caitlin & Ben

Term 3, Week 9

Hello everyone and welcome to week 9, We are nearly at the end of the third term! Wowwee! I hope everyone had a ripper weekend! The weather was wonderful and I got to hit the course yesterday, so was a beauty. Merit Award: Congratulations to Louie Hodge for receiving a merit award last week. Mr Lee was quite upset when giving the award to Louie as The Bombers had just lost to The Cats a couple of days before. Gratitude Wall: In Year 4 we have been looking at gratitude and positive psychology. We have discussed that we need to focus on the positive sides of life. We tend to see the negatives in our lives, but shy away from the positive thoughts. We have created a ‘Gratitude Wall’ in which we write three things that went well for us throughout the day. It is all about training our brains to see the good things that happen as little as they may be. Mission Markets : These will be on Thursday 24th September. This is always a fantastic day celebrating the feast day of Mary's assumpt

Term 3, Week 8

Welcome to week 8, I hope every dad had a great day yesterday and didn’t get blown away by the wind and rain. Merit Awards:  Congrats to Hamish and Joel who have received a merit award in class over the last couple of weeks. Well done Lads! Sorry about the lighting Joely. School Photos: These are on this week on Thursday and Friday. Can’t wait to see everyone looking their best. I will be……as always haha. Walkie, Wheelie, Waste Free Wednesday: We had a fantastic turn out last week, and it is such an awesome initiative. We are on again this week if you can assist your child with walking or wheeling and bringing a waste free lunch Thank you for your support! Uthando Dolls: You may have heard of this amazing initiative that we have undertaken in Year 4 the last 3 years. We are super excited to announce that we will be working on these again starting next term. This is a massive undertaking and we are in need of your help! If you are a sewer, expert child wrangler, cutter or closet fashi