Term 1 Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 everyone,
This is the first blog of the year and I am very excited to have your wonderful children this year. It has been a great start to the year and can believe that we have had 2 full weeks already! If you need to email me about anything please feel free to do so at
Incursion/Excursion Notes and Swimming notes: If there is anyone that has not returned their incursion or excursion notes, we have some spares in the classroom if you would like to fill one in, otherwise, it was included in the last newsletter for you to fill out and print at home. Swimming notes are also required back ASAP, if you need another one, please come and see me.
School AGM: A reminder that all parents are encouraged to attend the school AGM on Wednesday night beginning at 7pm in the hall...Mr Lee is a stickler for time and assures us we will be out of there by 7.59pm! This is a great chance to hear what is happening in the school and to volunteer for any positions! The…